Quick Update

As I type this I am almost constantly checking the flashing green light in front of me to make sure the electricity doesn’t shut off and I loose internet. Aka, this update will be very brief!! Ha.

Today was a great day. Walter and I got to start the day with Johana and was able to give her all the yarn that very generous people in the states sent down. Her face when she saw all the yarn was priceless, but the look she gave me when I told her it was a donation (not something she had to buy and pay back) was moving. It was worth the entire trip.

Next came Guiselle and Lupita. Two girls that have stolen my heart totally and completely. When Lupita opened the door she literally jumped into my arms and just started kissing my cheeks. It was a moment I’ll cherish for many years. We spent time with both girls and reminded them how much we loved them AND to pack a swimsuit for our trip to the beach with the Aggies this Saturday. Lupita is excited for the water, Guiselle is excited for the french fries at the restaurant she and I go to (she doesn’t like the water), and I am just plan excited!

Next up was the graduation of Fernanda (the girl in the picture). I don’t have words for this one just yet. It was too deep a feeling to express so soon after. All I can say is that this little girl was probably the biggest inspiration for me to start With One Hope. And to see her no longer battling starvation and a dangerous home, but instead in school, healthy, happy, loved by her family, all of us and you, and Christ, AND with a future in education…well…I just don’t have words.

THANK YOU ALL for what you are enabling us to do!!

More to come soon


  1. Jill H. says:

    What an awesome story of where Fernanda came from and where she is now. Truly a display of God reaching down and pulling her up to safety with your help. You look like a proud papa in this pic. Congratulations to all of this year’s graduates and Merry Christmas!

  2. [...] For those that don’t know the story of this little girl, it is worth your time. Jesus has redeemed her and her family in so many ways. Here are some links to read more about her journey: I would read the second half of this post, all of this one, and if you have time, this one. [...]

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