Getting the Party Started

This is a short entry, but one I am very excited to share: THE SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION PROCESS IN LEON HAS BEGUN!!

Friday of last week was a day we had been waiting on for three years. Finally, after much dreaming, hoping, working, waiting, and praying the makings of a new beginning were upon us.

Walter gathered with key community members in Leon to clear the plot of land where the school would be built. Smiles were all around as everyone knew what this moment represented: change, hope, redemption.

They talked and rejoiced about how the land was going to transition over the next two months and then prayed over it, petitioning for those hopes to be blessed and to become a reality. Then they started the work.

Men and women worked together to clear the land, cut down a dying tree, and started to level the plot of ground for the foundation. Even the children joined in, reminding everyone why they were working.

When I think about the fact that this is happening (they will be working for the next two months!) I get chills. God has been so faithful. He has led us to a place where great need existed – greater than what we thought we were able to service – and called us to help anyway.

Then He provided.

And in the process He taught me I still have much to learn about trusting in His provision.

You see, so far He has not given all that we WILL NEED, but has given exactly what we HAVE NEEDED just before we needed it. He has given us enough to make each next step possible, but not so much that we haven’t had to trust Him for tomorrow’s step.

“Give us this day our daily bread” has never resonated so personally, “the peace of God which transcends all understanding” has become so much more tangible, and “Do you believe this?” has become even more convicting. (Matthew 6:11, Philippians 4:7, and John 11:26 respectively)

And through it all, my understanding of God’s desired level of involvement in our lives has grown almost continuously. Yes, this is a story about a school that is being built for 30 children that never dreamed they would have one – and that is HUGE!

But it is also about a God that loves to be intertwined into the details of our daily lives. A Father that takes the time to speak to one weak, doubting man’s soul (me) to quell his fears of not having enough funds in the budget. It is about the King of the Universe – that Alpha and the Omega – taking the time, better yet, WANTING to take the time to listen to his heart’s cry.

And then desiring to graciously, mercifully, and lovingly lead him with the patience of a tender father to a deeper, more full appreciation of His goodness. All the while providing for 30 families and little innocent children.

What a King. What a God. What a Father.

More to come soon on the school. For now, we hope you enjoy the pictures below of the community working!

Picture 1: The mothers and children gathering to get started.

Picture 2: Cutting down the Mango tree (sorry I couldn’t get it to rotate!).

Picture 3: The tree cut down.

Picture 4: Moving the tree off-site.

Picture 5: Chopping the tree limbs down for other purposes.

Picture 6: More work with the tree limbs.

Picture 7: Some of the kids having fun together.

Picture 8: The ever-present chicken.

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