Traveling South

Today I leave for Nicaragua. I will be in the country for 18 days to host two groups of volunteers – one of my fellow MBA students from SMU, and the other our 5th trip of Aggies from Texas A&M. We will be helping to build the school in Leon, doing a census in Tipitapa, and investing in the kids.

I could not be more excited.

For 18 days I get to watch as others pour out their hearts, dive in deep with people they’ve never met, and drop seeds of love into the lives and souls of our families.

That said, we covet your prayers for our time in country. Prayers for our team, for the people we are going to love on, for safety in travel, and for the hope of the gospel to be so evident in all that we do that everyone around us is left hungering for more of the only thing that satisfies.

If you want to follow along with our trip I will be trying to do some posts while we are there, so click on the link below to sign up for the blog distribution list and you will get an email when a new entry is added.

Thank you all in advance for your support and love!! Can’t wait to share stories from our time!

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