And So It Begins

Hey everyone! I haven’t had the chance to write a full blog entry, but I did want to make sure everyone got a taste of what the SMU team has been able to do so far!

The majority of team arrived Saturday. I am still blown away by the fact that they were even able to get out of DFW! One of the team members has a picture of the departures board at DFW where every flight on the screen was cancelled except theirs (thanks God!).

When they arrived we took two of the girls in our single mother program to lunch with the team, then hit the road to Leon, got checked in, then spent some time with Walter’s family. Saturday night was a national holiday here in Nicaragua, so we were able to sneak out into the streets of Leon to see the festivities and experience the culture.

Today we woke up bright an early and headed to the school construction site. The pictures I have uploaded are from our work at the site. I was so proud of how hard the team worked and how much they accomplished in just one day. We will be going back tomorrow to get more work done and get things ready for the next team.

Now, however, we are all exhausted and are going to crash and get some sleep.

More to come soon and thank you to everyone that are praying for us, supported us, and have helped make this possible.


  1. Karen Sanderson says:

    Chris. It is so great to see you and the others working so hard out of love for the children and their families in Nicaragua. God bless you all! And God is amazing, making safe passage for the ones going down to help. AWESOME is not a strong enough word for it all.

  2. Ceci Wallace says:

    God bless all of your for your amazing efforts! My Bible Study is praying for safe travels, hard work, comfortable beds and mission accomplished! Please keep blogging as family and friends back home are very interested!

  3. chris says:

    Thank you Karen and Ceci! Looking forward to sharing more!

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