Building for the Future

While we were working today I took a few moments to step back and just watch what was going on all around me. To my right cement blocks were being passed down to a man in a giant hole to create the bathroom foundation. To my left blocks were being used to build the walls of the school.

Behind me rebar was being shaped into what would become the cross-sections of the school’s walls. And in front of me tons (literally) of dirt was being dug up by shovels and moved via wheelbarrow to level the plot of ground and extend a future play area for the kids.

All those tasks were important, but it wasn’t what stood out to me. Yes, we are here to build a school.. Yes, the physical labor is a large part of the reason for our trip. BUT, at least today, it was secondary.

You see, in each of those tasks there was an even more important thing going on: life and love was being shared. All around me Nicaraguans and Americans were working side by side, celebrating and laughing together, and enjoying a day of brotherhood. Fathers of the children that attend the school have been working with us the last two days to help us build the school. Some of the children, their siblings, and even the main school teacher joined in on the work.

And in the midst of it all I couldn’t help but see the gospel.

In a world that tries so desperately to tell us that we each have a different value based on our wealth, beauty, capabilities, or abilities, it was a beautiful thing to see all that be washed away. Not one of the workers was better than another. No one was above any job or task and all of us were equal.

We were all simply broken, dirt-covered people, breathing the same air, rejoicing in the same wind that cooled us down, the same water that refreshed us, and fighting alongside each other for the same end goal – hope for the children of the community.

I yearn for a day when this idea of equality becomes reality. When we can all rest in the fact that our value – our true value – comes from only one source. That it is both intrinsic and irrevocable, that everyone has the same value, and that it was determined long, long ago but a loving and faithful Father who desires deeply to make us sons and daughters of the most high.

Now, sitting here late at night writing this update, I can’t help but smile a big, goofy grin.

I know some think this is “just” a school. That we are “just” moving dirt. But I disagree. This school is becoming a tangible representation of the love we came to share. And I see the impact of that love everywhere around me.

I see it on the faces of the mothers and fathers who are working with us. On the faces of the children who are just starting to search for answers to all the questions in their heads and hearts.

No, this is far more than a school. It is a proclamation of the good news and of our expectation for great things that we firmly believe are to come.

Tomorrow we get to attend the graduation for the current students, then we drive South to Jinotepe where we start the second half of our trip. Unfortunately internet can be really hard to find in the South so I doubt I will be able to do another update for at least a week. But I will do my best.

For now, please enjoy the pictures below of today’s work and know that your support has already enabled so much.


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