A Little Thursday Joy

Well, it is finals week here at SMU so my blog writing time has been taken up by paper writing and studying for tests. (It’s as fun as it sounds!) HOWEVER, that does NOT mean I can’t still share a little joy!

Here are a few pictures from food and school supply deliveries to some of the families in our single mother program. For those that know our families – you will recognize the faces and the smiles!

And to my Texas friends – in you case you were wondering, the answer is yes! The packaging on those shirts does say “CasaTex”! Long live the Republic!!

To everyone: HAPPY THURSDAY!! Stay strong. Only one day ’til the weekend.


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  1. RRobert & Ddorothy Middleton says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures…what a joy to see them.
    Papa & Gigi

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