Erupting Volcanoes

Have you ever had a volcano erupt in your backyard? We did! The Telica volcano outside of Leon – one of the cities where we do a lot of work – began erupting a few weeks ago!

Walter took the first picture from the school that we recently built in Leon! Can you imagine going to school while a volcano erupts mere miles from you?!

Walter took the second picture from the main highway that cuts through Leon. The ash and dust from the volcano has been covering the city and making it hard to breathe. Walter was actually caught in his truck at a gas station due to an intense ash storm that lasted more than an hour.

Below is a video filmed just recently of tourists that happened to be on top of the volcano when it erupted. What?!? Not our footage but cool none-the-less.

The good news is that all the children and families of our school are safe and none of our workers have been injured.

Please keep them in your prayers and enjoy a volcano eruption free day wherever you are!


  1. Jimmy Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing Chris. Will lift you all in prayer.

  2. chris says:

    Thanks, brother!

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