Stepping Stones

I know I have been out of pocket the last few months, but it was for a few good reasons. What reasons? Well, the first one is a BIG one.

I am…wait for it…wait for it…I am married. That’s right. MARRIED!! On July 19th I married the most beautiful woman in the world and have been loving life ever since.

I know some of you joined us for the special day, but for everyone else to the right is a picture from the big day. It was a special day that I will remember for the rest of my life. Since then I have been taking a small break from updating the blog to just enjoy married life.

That said, the work down in Nicaragua has NOT stopped!! Walter is working as tirelessly as ever to spread the gospel, share education, and bring hope to the hopeless. In fact, that brings me to reason #2.

For the past four years we have been working and praying for the opportunity to become a legal non-profit organization in Nicaragua. During that time, the government had been allowing us to operate under provisional status BUT we weren’t able to take advantage of any of the perks and advantages of being official.

Each year the government would only give the status to a set number of non-profits and each year we thought we were on the list only to find out that some other organization received our spot – usually via an illegal “gift” to someone in the government. Because we are unwilling to break the law (much less use your donations to fund a bribe) we were forced to wait another year.

But God is bigger than the government and our frustrations.

This year, the Nicaraguan government came out with a one-time program for organizations to become non-profits. They essentially doubled the list and created a fast-track process. Because Walter is awesome and on top of things he acted quickly. Within hours he contacted me and got the ball rolling on everything we’d need to do.

Days later he had done all the necessary work and submitted the documents and then we waited.

A few days later we got an answer! The moment was here. Walter opened the paper and read the text. The big smile on his face quickly faded and was replaced with frustration. We were denied.

Ahhhhhhhh. This doesn’t make any sense!!!

But then, as he read more, he realized the denial was due to a clerical error by the government, not something we did! He quickly contacted the office in charge, worked to get the paper work resubmitted, and then we waited again.

A few days later…we were…LEGAL!!!!!! Four years we had waited. FOUR YEARS! But we would wait no more.

God had blessed us with the status we had long waited for. He was bigger and more powerful that the government, than the politicians, than bribes, than our doubts, and than anything else that was trying to keep us from this status.

He is the great I am.

So, in summary. I am married. We are now a legal non-profit in Nicaragua. And the work is still going strong (more to come on the work soon).

God is so good.

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    Thank you Jesus!

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