Can you believe it?! 15,000!!!

It’s amazing how fast time flies. I can’t believe it has been 4 months since my last entry!! What?!?! There is no way!!

As most of you know that follow our work via the blog, the past few years have been chaulk full of big life changes. We now have one more to add to the list: a little less than 2 months ago we moved to California!

Crazy, I know.

But throughout that time, our work in Nicaragua has continued, flourishing even more than ever! In fact, we have hit a milestone at one of our schools: 15,000!!

15,000 what? Well, read below to find out!!

Family Support – Gusielle and Lupita

We continue to be amazed by all that God is doing in the lives of our supported families. Over the past 6 months there has been both great heartbreak and great celebration across this part of our ministry.

First, do you remember little Guiselle and Lupita? They are the two little girls that we began working with while I lived in country that were grossly underweight and far behind in school. Remember how over time Guiselle went from hating school to becoming the #1 student in her class??

Well, she still is. In fact, I’m starting to feel bad for the other kids because I don’t think they have a shot at beating her! And now her little sister has decided that she wants to be #1 in her class! We’ll see how that plays out!

As many of you know, it is statistically HIGHLY unlikely for someone with Guiselle’s background and income level to make it through 3rd grade, much less to middle school in Nicaragua. But with the help of the Lord, this year she will be the first in her family to graduate into middle school for many generations!!

Family Support – The Guitierrez Family

For those that remember, this family has been a special project for Walter. He has loved these four kids as though they were his own and the fruits of his labor are increasingly evident every day.

His love and leadership has served as the Lord’s vessel to bring peace, endurance, love, and forgiveness into a household that was hurting. Not only have the kids all improved their grades in school from failing to exceling, but they have also seen remarkable changes in their personal life.

As I shared in the last blog, Walter has shared the true gospel through word and deed with these children and their mother, resulting in incredible life-change and even Danny – the oldest – committing his life to the Lord and getting baptized!

And now? Brandon – the second oldest – has done the same! About two weeks ago he also committed his life to the Lord and was baptized!! What a glorious thing the Lord is doing in the hearts of this family!

Leon School – The Numbers

Our work in the pre-school in Leon continues to be one of the most important aspects of our work in Nicaragua. I never could have imagined all that the Lord had in mind for us when we started the school.

Now, 5 years later, we have helped more than 75 children receive an education, more than 50 of which would not have received one!! And since they are with us for three years, that means we have added more than 170 YEARS of education to this one neighborhood!!

Not to mention that through our daily meal, the Lord has enabled us to serve more than 15,000 meals directly to children in dire need!!

Just in case you missed that – 75 children, 170 years of education, and 15,000 daily meals over 5 years!! If you eat 3 meals a day it would take you more than 14 years to eat that many times!! See below for more pictures of the school!

God is SO good!

Thank You

All of us at With One Hope want to say thank you for all of you that have supported us through prayer, encouragement, finances, trips, donations of goods, letters, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and so much more!!

We truly could not do this without you and your support.

As we look forward, I am convinced God is at work and doing amazing things in Nicaragua and I can’t wait to share them with you!!

Chris, Water, Michelle, and the rest of the With One Hope team


  1. Jimmy says:

    Revelations 21:5

    He is using With One Hope to make all things new in Nicaragua!

  2. Karen says:

    You and the team have truly followed God’s calling. What a blessing to so many you are. May God continue to bless those working in His name in Nicaragua. Thank you for your blog. They are always so uplifting.

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