Ready, Set, Match!


The 2016 “Dare to Dream” campaign is here!

This year our goal is to raise $10,000 – enough funds to run our entire organization for 5 months! 100% of the donations will go directly to Nicaragua and will help us bring education, food, safety and hope to over 1,000 children and adults.

This year we are also excited to announce our biggest match ever! For every $1 you donate, we will receive $3 in total! That’s right – your donation will be tripled!!

So will you partner with us to help bring hope to the hopeless? If so, click here for the donation widget!

Still not convinced? Check out the rest of the blog post for our video and to see why we do what we do!

Why is it needed?

Many of these children are not currently in school or do not have a school to attend (2 out of 3 were not in school in the neighborhoods where we started schools). In a country where unemployment is above 50% and the average individual makes less than $2 per day, almost all of the families struggle to put food on the table leaving the children to choose between going to school and eating.

Many come from broken homes and seldom, if ever, hear the words “I love you” or “I am proud of you.”

Most feel alone and have lost hope before their lives have truly even begun.

But YOU can change that!!

By supporting a student or one of our schools you can bring hope back into the lives of these children and their parents. You will help bring the method proven to break the poverty cycle and build self confidence better than any other: Education.

What does the program include?

All of the following is provided to communities through our schools:

1. A free education in a clean, secure facility
2. A free, nutritious daily meal
3. Free school supplies for students and teachers
4. Supplemental monthly income for teachers
5. Other educational and spiritual activities

Will it work?

In each of the preschools we have launched or helped launch we have seen enrollment and attendance increase by more than 150% and parental engagement has more than tripled! In our latest launch we saw enrollment increase from 20 to 30, the number of students attending increase from 8 to 30, and the number of parents actively involved in their child’s education increased from 6 to 25. The change is remarkable but is not unique. We have seen the same in every one of our schools!

For some of these children this is the only meal they will eat every day and for most this will be the only hope they have of leaving the streets behind for a better life.

How does Jesus fit into the picture?

As in all things we are working for the Lord. It is the reason for our organization and the reason for our work. In that respect we have also seen great strides through the personal relationships formed with students and their parents, which provide an enormous opportunity to reach those without hope and to share the good news.

How can I help?

There are two main ways to help. First and foremost you can cover us in prayer. Prayer has cleared the way for us and we believe is the most important thing anyone could ever give.

Secondly, every dollar counts and no amount is too small. Our monthly donors range from $5 per month to over $250 and every one of them is making a huge difference in the lives of our children.

And don’t forget – this year we are excited to announce our biggest match ever!! For every $1 you give we receive $3 for the first $10,000 raised!!

That’s right, your donation will be tripled and if we raise the full $10,000 we will receive $30,000 in total!!!

Here are some numbers to consider:

$10 gives a child a “Bag of Hope” (backpack and school supplies)
$35 a month fully funds a child in one of our schools
$50 a month fully funds a family in our family support program
$500 funds the Leon school for a month
$3,000 a month fully funds our entire program

So how about it? Would you partner with us this year? 100% of donations will be used in Nicaragua and you will help us bring hope to the hopeless. If so, just click one of the links below!

Thank You

We want to say thank you in advance. Your support will help us feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and bring education to the forgotten. Most of all, you will be helping us make an eternal difference in the lives of these children and their families.

And for that we are eternally grateful.

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