Prayers for Yaris

Hey everyone!

Many of you that have come down to visit us or regularly read our blog posts know Yaris – one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet. The picture to the right is of her and I on our most recent trip to Nicaragua and the picture below is her with her sister.

For those that don’t, Yaris was born with special needs and we have been working with her the past 7 years to help her receive the care she needs. While Yaris may not be able to do everything the children around her can, she has made HUGE progress over the past years.

She has learned sign language and how to read and write; her physical and emotional health has dramatically improved; and – most importantly – she now knows the Lord loves her tremendously.

I can’t imagine our lives or our program without Yaris in it. Every time we go to see her we are overwhelmed by her joy and love. There is nothing like a Yaris hug or a Yaris smile.

It can transform your whole day.

How to Help

That said, this past week her appendix burst and she had to have an emergency appendectomy. She is ok and is recovering but still needs our prayers and the right medications to continue to heal.

Normally, this is where I would ask you for your financial support. However, the Lord is so good in his provision that it just so happens to correspond to a donation from Kensington Corner Boutique, a new clothing store that my sister opened.

She and her husband, Joe, have generously decided to give a portion of every item sold to support our work in Nicaragua. We are so grateful to them and to every one of their customers! You have all helped us provide life-saving medical attention and medication to Yaris and we will forever be grateful!

So please, buy more clothes (or start buying clothes!) from Kensington Corner and help us spread hope, the good news, and love the at-risk population of Nicaragua!

If you want to purchase clothes from them to support our work, click here to see their site on Facebook!

All that said, we still covet your prayers for quick healing and that she doesn’t experience any complications. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support of this little girl!

Chris & the With One Hope Team

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