Another Round, Please!

Do you remember starting back to school as a kid? I honestly don’t but I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to go. Nowadays, I’m so grateful I received an education, but back in the day, between the homework, the waking up early, and the being stuck in a chair for 6 hours a day, I was pretty sure I could find a better use of my time!

One of the things that never ceases to surprise me about the kiddos in Nicaragua is that they view school so much differently.

In the US, we often view it as a burden. As an obligation we are forced into. But down in Nicaragua, they view it as a privileged that not everyone gets to participate in. For them, going to school doesn’t represent adult oppression forced upon innocent school-aged children (kidding here), but rather a HUGE gift that could change one’s life forever.

We started the 2017 school year at our preschool in Leon a few months ago and every time I look at pictures from Walter I can’t help but smile. These kids in levels 2 & 3 are SO happy to be back in school and the kiddos in their first year are really finding their grove. It is very fun to see.

So I am here today to share some of those pictures and help you see where your support is going.

I love the picture to the right. Seeing these children enjoying a meal at school helps me remember how important our school really is. When school is not in session, many of these kids have at least one day every week where there is no food at home.

Let that sink in.

At least one DAY per week – not one meal – these little growing bodies have to go wake up hungry and then go to bed with that same hunger. It is NOT the exception to the rule, but the average for the kids in this community.

At our school each kid receives a free meal every single day. For some of them it can often be the only meal they get that day. And you know what? It isn’t just the kids that benefit. Their families do too. You see, for their families, it can make a huge difference in being able to afford enough food for the entire family to eat every day.

For those of you that support us financially and/or in prayer – we are so grateful. These families are grateful. And even though they don’t fully understand how our organization works, these children are grateful.

You are truly helping us change the world for these kids, help break the cycle of hopelessness, and share the hope of the gospel.

From all of us at With One Hope – thank you! Now, enjoy some more pictures!


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  1. Karen says:

    I just tear up thinking about babies (that includes all ages of children) going to bed hungry. Thank you for the work you continue to do for these little ones. Praise the LORD for you all!

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