Cornering Hope

Whiff went the bat as it was swung hitting nothing but air. The laughter of little kids exploded from the small one-room school. Another miss, and it was hilarious.

Whiff. More laughter. Whiff. Even more laughter, with the volume increasing each time.

Now the encouragements began with “You can do it!!” and “You’ll get it this time!!”

The laughter of little kids could be heard outside the school house just a stones-throw from the fields – a place where laughter is seldom heard and hardship is an everyday expectation. The fields might be in their future, but that wouldn’t enter into their minds today.

No, not today. Because today, they party.

Cornering an Idea

A little over six months ago my sister, Angela, called me up. She was excited as she explained how she was going to start an online clothing company called Kensington Corner. Then she caught me a little off guard when she told me that she and Joe (my brother-in-law) wanted to donate a portion of all the sales to support our work in Nicaragua.

I was floored and so grateful.

What a cool opportunity! I mean, how many people get the chance to fight alongside their siblings to use commerce to directly impact the most vulnerable for the sake of the gospel? I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s many.

Of course I jumped at the chance, said thank you about a million times, and the partnership was born. Within a few months she was up and running and she gave me another call, this time to tell me her first donation check was ready. It was such a fulfilling moment to know it was happening – not only had she officially broken ground, but we were also going to be able to partner together to help Nicaraguans in need.

We talked through the options for the recipient, chose a cause together, and put the money to work. It was a very special moment.

Getting the Party Started

That was a few months ago, and each month Kensington Corner has donated to help our work. This month they gave to provide the lunch meals for our preschool in Leon.

When we told the teacher and community they were touched to know that so many people back in the United States cared enough about them to support their work. Walter proposed a celebration for the kiddos and they responded with hoots and hollers and a call for a piñata!

Walter did not disappoint. See the pictures down below to share in their celebration and the joy that commenced!

What I Love About This

One of the reasons the pictures below mean so much to me is what they represent: that everyday people can make an extraordinary difference.

Angela, Walter, Michelle, and I all have something in common: we are regular people. We don’t have special degrees in development, training in missions, or even all speak the same language.

But we love Jesus and we love others. And that is a powerful thing.

But that’s not all. As much as the four of us have done, we couldn’t have done it without the customers of Kensington Corner. By just consciously choosing where to buy their clothes, each one of you have directly impacted the lives of little children in Nicaragua.

By buying that top, that dress, or whatever else you purchased, you helped us push back on the gates of darkness. You helped us provide food and education to children in one of the most poverty stricken and under-served areas of Nicaragua.

And most importantly, you helped us remind these little ones that they are not alone or forgotten, but that they are fiercely and consistently loved both by us and their Father.

So we at With One Hope say Thank You and please continue to shop!

If you haven’t checked out her stuff, you can go to her Facebook group by clicking here. In the words of my sweet wife, “It’s super cute stuff that you’ll love!”

We hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend and happy shopping!

Chris, Michelle, Walter & The With One Hope Team

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