Up, Up and Away

In 30 days we will be heading to Colorado to do a very difficult thing. A thing we have been preparing and training for over the past 3-4 months. A thing that only a small percentage of the world’s population will ever do.

And we are counting down the days until our skills get put to the test.

What are we doing, you ask? And why on earth are we doing it?

Great questions. I’m glad you asked them.

What We Are Doing

In one month Michelle and I will be joined by 2 of our dear friends, Brian and Lindsay who are pictured to the right, as we head deep into the heart of the Colorado mountains to climb one of the tallest mountains in the contiguous United States (we will be announcing the actual mountain on a later blog so stay tuned!).

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t some run-of-the-mill mountain. In the words of James Brown, this is a bad mamba jamba.

In total we will be hiking at least 10 miles and climbing to a summit that is above 14,000 feet! That’s right. Fourteen thousand. To help put that into perspective, it is 2.7 miles into the sky! That’s more than 46 Statue of Liberty’s or more than 300 school buses stacked long-ways on top of each other!

It is so high that there is even a term that has been coined to refer to these tall of mountains. You guessed it, 14er’s. (I know. I know. Whoever came up with that term was really original.)

Now you may be thinking, is that really even a big deal?? I mean, it’s high. But there are a lot of mountains! And you’d be right, sort of. Because although there are a lot of mountains, there aren’t a lot this tall – in fact across the entire 48 contiguous states, there are only 67 peaks that qualify to be called a 14er, the tallest of which comes in at 14,505.

In fact, it is so high up there that once we hit 14K feet, each breath will only deliver us 60% of the oxygen we would get at sea level! I’ve done 8 of these peaks and every single one of them is as difficult as the last.

Long story short, we are going to hike up, up, and even further up. And then just a little more up.

Why Are We Doing This

Now you may be wondering, why on earth would do that to yourself? Well, the answer is simple: because we are crazy.

Just kidding. At least about that being the reason. :)

The real answer is also simple. We plan to climb this mountain to raise awareness and funds for the children of Nicaragua.

Every day in Nicaragua thousands of children have to fight to survive, fight through preventable illnesses, fight through their thirst for clean water, and fight through injustice, lack of education and lack of access to health services. Thousands of children wake up every day knowing there will not be enough food for everyone in their family to eat that day.

These are children like the little boy in the picture to the right. When I first met him his entire family had just lost everything they owned from a flood and he was so hungry we was trying to fill his belly with trash he found on the ground.

He is the reason we are climbing. His family is the reason we are climbing. And the bleakness of their future is the reason we are climbing.

How You Can Help

By sharing our story and supporting our climb your donations will go directly into the schools and single mother program that we run. That means that every single school day, each child in our program KNOWS they will get a meal. Each child KNOWS they will receive an education. And each child KNOWS they will be given a chance.

Because of your involvement, each child will also interact with our staff and teachers where they will be taught not only their ABC’s, but also that they are loved, cherished, and not alone.

Because of you, these children and their families will experience the hope of a better life, many for the first time.

How to Support our Climb

Financially: Our goal is raise $1 for every foot of altitude that we will climb: about $4,500. Below is a donation widget that you can use to send us funds. Even $10 can make a huge difference.

Prayer: As always, first and foremost, we appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Climbing is hard, strenuous, and can be dangerous. Please pray for our strength and safety as we train and make our summit attempt.

Follow Our Journey: We are going to be posting pictures and stories of our training and our final climb going forward and we would love you to follow along with us. You can check back here for more info (including a blog entry from my sweet wife!!), or you can follow us from my Instagram account by clicking here!

Share Our Journey: The more people that know about what we are trying to do, the better our chances at helping these children. We would be honored if you were to share our effort with anyone you think would like to support our climb!

Thank you to everyone that makes our work possible. You are helping us bring love to the unloved, hope to the hopeless, and truth to those who have never heard it.

We are eternally grateful.

Chris & The With One Hope Team

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