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Occasionally we have had a guest blog writer share their experiences. This week we are going to continue that tradition with my favorite person in the whole world: my beautiful wife, Michelle!

So, without further audue, here is what Michelle wanted to share!

Ok, here goes my first blog post.

I am a little nervous and a little excited. Party because this is my first blog entry ever, but also because I am going to get a bit vulnerable, which is not my strongest suit. But I truly believe what I have to share is important… so, fingers crossed and here goes nothing!

The other day at church here in Southern California, we were singing a song with lyrics that said, “ There’s no shadow you won’t light up, no mountain you won’t climb up coming after me”. I’m not one to normally cry or get emotional, but this day I couldn’t keep my cool. The sentence we had just sung echoed in the deepest parts of my heart, bringing surprising tears to my eyes.

In every fiber of my being, I knew that those lyrics were ultimate truth. You see, in my own life there was a time when I felt so far from the Lord. I was depressed, scared and so full of fear that I felt paralyzed. I was stuck in one of those “shadows” the song sings about and I didn’t know if the Lord could find me there, and – more importantly – if He did find me, I didn’t know if he could rescue me.

But, the Lord is ALWAYS bigger than I imagine him to be. He met me in that dark place and showed me how much he loves me. That no matter where I am, He is there. That he’s not only there, but that he rescues and redeems even the darkest moments.

I realized I am so loved that he doesn’t spare ANYTHING to rescue me and show me my identity and my purpose.

Getting Nudged

So when we sang that song and those words filled my heart, all the feelings and moments where the Lord rescued me rose to the surface, overwhelming me with His grace. And I felt a nudge. A Jesus kind of nudge that says I want to use you.

How grateful I am for His nudges.

The Lord sweetly reminded me that I am not the only one that he would light up the darkness or climb a mountain for. He brought the images of Guiselle and Lupita into my mind – the two sisters in the picture to the right that have endured the unimaginable, and still battle daily to know that they are loved and important. (You can read more about them by clicking here)

And in that moment, I heard the Lord whisper, “Climb…Climb for them.” Climb for the people that are struggling just to put one foot in front of the other so they may be reminded that they are loved more than they ever could imagine.

So that is what we are going to do. We are going to climb.

We’re going to climb 14,450 feet in the air to be exact. The mountain’s name is literally Mt. Massive for goodness sakes! Sometimes the idea of climbing that high is a bit overwhelming, but then I remember that the Lord has called me. He has called me to live daily in a way that reflects His love and to occasionally step WAY out of my comfort zone to make His name known, to remind myself and others that He is always there.

That He is always fighting for us.

That he would climb a mountain 300 times the size of Mount Massive to get to you. To get to me. To get to the kiddos in Nicaragua.

How Your Can Help

So, to help bring God’s love and His hope to the children of Nicaragua, for every foot we climb (4500’ from where we are camping to be exact) we want to raise a dollar. A dollar to further the education of Guiselle and Lupita. A dollar to help our single mother families put food on the table. A dollar to remind all the children in our schools that they are WORTH the effort and that they are loved by us and by their Heavenly Father.

If you would like to donate, you can use the donation widget to the right.

We also covet your prayers. Prayers that we would make it up and back down the mountain safely. Prayers that the freeze-dried breakfasts will taste like manna instead of runny/slightly cold eggs in an bag. Haha.

But mostly prayers that the kids in Nicaragua would know and trust that the father would climb ANY mountain ANYWHERE just for them.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us show these little girls how much they are loved and thank you to those will help us continue to do so.


  1. Karen Sanderson says:

    Michelle, what a great message you shared with us. It is very encouraging and a great reminder that God will and has gone to great lengths to rescue us time and time again. Thank you so much.

    Chris, you chose well. (Get the quote?)

    God bless you in your trek to greater heights, literally and spiritually!

  2. McKenzie Skidmore says:

    Such an encouragement- thank you for sharing your heart and your “Yes” in obedience to the Lord!!!

  3. chris says:

    Thank you, Karen! I completely agree – I am very blessed!

  4. chris says:

    Thank you, McKenzie!!

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