Guess what? We did it! That’s right, it has been accomplished! A few weeks ago we stood atop the summit of Mount Massive, the 3rd highest point in the contiguous US. The view was stunning, the climb was rewarding, but the thing that was equally as impactful was that because of you we were able to raise $4,300 for the children of Nicaragua!

As Michelle and I looked back through our pictures to grab the best ones to share with you here, there was one picture that I kept coming back to over and over again. You may be sitting there thinking it has to be from the summit – the moment when we reached our goal. But it’s not.

In fact, my favorite picture from the trip was taken after we had reached our goal and we were on the way down. About 1 hour into the descent we took a quick stop in an open space overlooking the valley where we had camped. The view was incredible. You could see peaks for miles, but my eyes moved away from the peaks and to the flowers growing on the side of this huge mountain.

The flowers were beautiful and diverse with at least 10 different colors up and down the mountain. Each color grouping also had a unique design and structure. Some had long blooms, others short. Some had multiple large petals, other had a plethora of smaller ones (that’s right, I said plethora). Some were close to the ground and others rose from the tundra on elegant green stalks as if they were reaching for the sky itself. Together their diversity and blending of colors and shapes was breath taking.

And although they were beautiful, it wasn’t just their beauty that stood out to me – it was another thing they all shared in common: it was amazing to me that were there at all.

Here we were in a place that is buried under never-ending snow in the winter, that has to endure avalanches, negative 50 degree weather, fierce thunderstorms, and always-hungry mountain goats. They have no shelter, no protection, no one to fend for them. And yet, despite all of that being stacked against them, they have still grown strong, beautiful, and breathtaking.

It makes me think of the passage from Mathew 6 where Jesus says,

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.”

I love that passage because it reminds me why those flowers are able to grow on the side of a mountain. Because God is able. It reminds me that God is the God of everything, everywhere, and is big enough and strong enough to not only create those flowers and make them grow, but also to sustain them during torrential thunderstorms.

Because He is able.

He is strong enough to keep their roots resilient during avalanches and blizzards.

Because he is able.

And He is the one that reaches down with tenderness when they are eaten or trampled by an animal and gives them the strength they need to regrow.

Because he is able.

God is so much bigger than we give Him credit for and if he is able to love and care for flowers with so much attentiveness in a place that is only appreciated by a handful of people, how much more will he love and care for you, for me, for the children of Nicaragua? That is why the picture above is my favorite one from the trip.

It reminds me that God is for the children of Nicaragua and that is more than we could ever hope for or imagine. That He will be there for them as the weight of poverty crashes down on them like a fierce winter storm. He will be there when the avalanche of inequality threatens to tear their whole world apart. And he will be there when the brokenness of sin breaks their hearts so that He may teach them how to mend and regrow.

This is why we work in Nicaragua. Yes, we desire to help with earthly challenges and needs, but more than anything, we desire that these precious children might know the Lord and know just how much He loves them and is for them.

Thank you for supporting our work and our climb. We are eternally grateful. Please enjoy the pictures below and let us know which one is your favorite!!

Chris, Michelle, Walter, and the With One Hope Team

On the left is the trail leading to our campsite. On the right is Michelle standing in front of our tent.

This is one of the lakes on the mountain that we were able to see during our time there.

The official Mount Massive trail marker!

This is heading further up the trail around 11,000 feet.

A view at about 12,500 feet. We were working hard at this point!

A picture from the summit! All four of us made it!

The view from the summit facing West towards the Maroon Bells and endless mountain peaks!

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