about us

Who We Are

With One Hope is a Christian work effort in Nicaragua dedicated to working alongside communities to fight against poverty and injustice through programs designed to break the poverty cycle, share the good news of the gospel and restore hope.

Who We Serve

We have partnered with multiple organizations and sponsors to serve the people of Nicaragua. Our focus is school aged children in areas or homes with the greatest need. Since October 2009 our projects have provided support to more than 2,000 children.

The Reason Why

The Christian message is at the heart of all we do and believe. We believe that God loves each of us unconditionally and equally, that God loves both legal and social justice, and that he calls us to serve those that are oppressed and in need.

Why We Chose Hope

We believe hope to be one of the most powerful human emotions within us. Every action or inaction is rooted in some expression of the hope in our hearts (or lack thereof). We believe that the restoration and encouragement of hope in people’s lives can make a profound difference.

This hope is not always complicated or grand in scale. Something as simple as knowing I will be able to eat every day can radically change the choices I make in my life.

For example, if I do not have the means to eat or feed my children through a conventional job, I am far more likely to utilize illegal or harmful methods, such as prostitution or drugs, to get the money and food I need to survive. Now, imagine the difference it could make if I knew that my family would have food, my children would receive an education, and we would be supported in times of spiritual, medical, and emergency need. How much would that change my perspective? How much would that change my choices?

Does it Work

We are continually asking the question, “Is this working?” The last thing we want to do is implement a program that is not beneficial or harms those whom it serves. Therefore, we are continually reevaluating our programs, approaches, and methods to ensure the maximum benefit.

With that said, we are seeing success. We have seen families go from tears and hunger to being healthy and hopeful for what the future holds. We have seen improvements in attendance rates and grade averages at our preschools, and increased parental engagement with our staff. Finally, we have seen people coming towards the Lord in real and sustainable spiritual searches.

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