Traveling South

Today I leave for Nicaragua. I will be in the country for 18 days to host two groups of volunteers – one of my fellow MBA students from SMU, and the other our 5th trip of Aggies from Texas A&M. We will be helping to build the school in Leon, doing a census in Tipitapa, and investing in the kids.

I could not be more excited.

For 18 days I get to Read the rest of this entry »

Getting the Party Started

This is a short entry, but one I am very excited to share: THE SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION PROCESS IN LEON HAS BEGUN!!

Friday of last week was a day we had been waiting on for three years. Finally, after much dreaming, hoping, working, waiting, and praying the makings of a new beginning were upon us.

Walter gathered with key community members in Leon to clear the plot of land where the school would be built. Smiles were all around as everyone Read the rest of this entry »

Tough Mudder Race Video

Well, it is complete. We finished the Tough Mudder and have pictures and video to share. In the end, you helped us raise a little over $2,000 and we are all so very grateful!

A lot of people have been asking what it was like to run the race, if it was hard, if it was fun, etc. So, to show our gratitude and to answer those questions I put together a video from the head cam we wore during the race. I hope you enjoy watching the race as much as we enjoyed running it! Read the rest of this entry »

Tough Mudder Training Video

Well, it is that time again. Just like 2012, it is time to share our Tough Mudder training secrets. This year we have a whole new team (except me) and that means we have all new training methods!

I hope all of you have as much fun watching this video as we did putting it together – just be sure your sound is on to get the full effect! Read the rest of this entry »


Chop. Chop. Chop.

“This one is never going to cut loose!” he said.

“Patience,” the older man told his son. “Keep chopping. It will fall.”

Chop. Chop. Chop.

Finally, the tree limb came loose and fell to the ground below. It was the last piece they needed. Now they could finally have what they had never had before: a Read the rest of this entry »

2013 School Supply Delivery Video

Hey everyone! I am excited to share pictures from our annual school supply delivery to both Tipitapa and Leon! Read the rest of this entry »

A Message from Yaris

The other day I received a video (the video at the bottom of this post) that made my heart smile. It was a message from a special needs girl named Yaris (the girl in the picture to the right) in our program that just wanted to say hi. As soon as I watched it my day got better. In fact, I would say my year got better. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Years

A lot can happen in five years. To know this is true all I have to do is look at my sister who, in the last five years, got engaged and married, then with her husband adopted a couple of dogs, bought two new cars, had a child (see pic to the right), changed jobs, moved homes, and did a million other little things.

That’s a lot of change in five years.

When I look at my own life it is no different. Over the past five years Read the rest of this entry »

My Birthday Gift

The other day and I was surprised by a phone call on my birthday. What was on the other end was something that made me smile.

“Tio Chris?” said a little voice full of mischief.

I recognized the voice as Guiselle, the girl in the picture to the right and one of the children I grew most close to during my time in Nicaragua. I said, “Si, si senorita!”

She laughed as she said, Read the rest of this entry »

Buying Land

Hello everyone!

I know that it has been a while since my last post (grad school life far more busy than I expected!!), BUT I want you all to know that the work in Nicaragua has not missed a beat!!

Walter has been keeping the troops in line and our schools are going strong. In fact, we have some exciting news.

Ready for it?

Thanks to the generosity of two Dallas donors, we just bought…wait for it… Read the rest of this entry »

Friday Smiles

It’s Friday! Start the weekend off right with some smiles from some of our kids.

It’s back to school time in Nicaragua and we made our single mother school supply deliveries this week. Here are a few of the pictures.

Thank you to everyone that supports us and one of these families! Read the rest of this entry »

Speaking Love

Guest blog entry numero dos!! Katelyn is another of the Texas A&M students that came down in December. So thankful that she was willing to share!

I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I did.

Katelyn’s Words

When Chris asked me to write as a guest writer for the With One Hope blog, I instantly began to brainstorm. Yet, as I have been blogging about the trip on my own blog, I have found it incredibly difficult to share the impact that the trip has had on my life, without you, the reader, knowing Read the rest of this entry »

My Angel

Today is a special day. We have our first ever guest writer on the blog!! Traci (in the picture to the right) is a student at Texas A&M that was part of our trip in December and she was gracious enough to share part of her experience. That’s enough from me, here are her words!

Traci’s Words

Howdy! My name is Traci Reece and I’m a junior at Texas A&M. Chris was cool enough to let me post something on his blog. The December mission trip was my second time to go to Nicaragua and there were so many amazing things that happened, but I’ll just share with you a quick story that really touched my heart. Read the rest of this entry »

Heaven’s Table

The day after Christmas I went to see Les Misérables in the theater with my parents. A scene came on that struck me deeply and the next thing I knew I was in the middle of, well, I am not sure. Some might call it a vision, others a vivid imagination, still others wishful thinking. As for me, I don’t know what to call it other than Read the rest of this entry »


More than two years ago I met a 10 year-old little girl named Reina. She wouldn’t talk to anyone, she wouldn’t shake other people’s hands, and she wouldn’t even look up when people talked to her.

She had a broken spirit – at the age of 10!

But that was going to change.

Her world was Read the rest of this entry »

2012 Year End Trip Video

Hey everybody! I wanted to take a quick departure from telling stories from the trip to SHOW you the trip. Here is the video of what we were able to accomplish in our last trip of 2012! So take a 4 minute break from whatever you are doing, turn up the volume, and enjoy the Read the rest of this entry »


“What are you good at?” I asked.

“Nothing.” she replied in a flat tone with a slight twitch of her head. Her eyes were heavy and her shoulders were burdened. After working in Nicaragua for the past four years I have learned that only long-term suffering produces that level of weight on a soul.

We needed to find her a job so I said, “Everyone is good at something.” I was convinced we could find something she could do to provide for her family. After all, sometimes people just need a little Read the rest of this entry »

A Healing Gift

“You are worthless!” she said. “You are stupid and lazy and bad!” she screamed. “Do you see your brother?! He is so much better than you and you will never be as good as him.” The rage was clear in her eyes. Her voice was filled with hatred as she screamed more and more horrible things at her firstborn son. He had done nothing wrong. He had simply done what he was told, but that wasn’t enough. It never was.

No matter what he did he always Read the rest of this entry »

Redeeming Tears

I can still see his little eyes, full of tears, full of searching. I can still feel the weight of the world upon his little shoulders. I can still remember the way he held on to the moment, not ready to let the world back in.

I can still remember all of it because it was a moment that changes everything.

Every day we Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas

We are back from our trip. It was a constant reminder of God’s redemption and we saw him work in HUGE ways!! I CANNOT wait to share stories (the first one is already typed and will go out in the coming days!)! In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick picture that captures the following words: Read the rest of this entry »