How We Are Helping

How We Are Helping

The World Food Programme (WFP) has found that implementing a daily meal in schools within developing countries can greatly improve attendance, retention and community involvement. We have adopted pieces of their model and added a few pieces of our own to develop the first step in our Education work stream.

At the Executive Summary level, we are working directly with the schools multiple schools across Nicaragua to help coordinate the following:

  • A daily meal to the students
  • A safe, secure and clean facility through structural improvements
  • School supplies
  • Educational and fun activities for the children of the school and community (e.g. Crafts, VBS, PiƱatas, etc.)
  • Supplemental monthly income for the teachers

We are also working to bring more joy into the lives of the children in our lives through various celebrations and cultural events. These events are very popular and an opportunity to let the children relax and be a kid again.

As we look forward, there are a number of vocational and educational opportunities that we would like to pursue in the coming years, including:

  • Gardening Programs
  • English Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Vocational Training Sessions
  • Teacher Workshops in Conjunction with the Ministry of Education
  • Nutritional and Medical Classes
  • Many More Opportunities