The Results

The Results

Each school that we have helped coordinate or are currently working alongside has experienced dramatic results. Across each of these schools we have seen the following:

  • Attendance increases of 100-300% or higher
  • 100% participation in theĀ optional food program
  • Increased retention of materials covered
  • Improved physical health of students
  • Stabilization of teacher income
  • Increased parental and community involvement with school activities
  • Development of a “clear path” to increased community and family engagement

We have also been able to partner with local communities to establish new schools that did not previously exist, which currently serve more than 750 children. We have also led the restoration of two school buildings, participated in replacing the roof of another, built a temporary school in Leon, and have additional plans for each school where we work.

In the end we have seen firsthand that the improved educational experience in each school is having a positive impact on the children, the families and communities. We expect the same results for additional schools in the future and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to help more children.

It is a beautiful thing to watch a growing child eat, learn and rest in the fact that they are loved. We are fighting to give that opportunity to as many children as possible.