How We Are Helping

How We Are Helping

We are working directly with the families of greatest need within and around our community to supplement their nutritional intake and medical needs. We are working with our partners to provide emergency relief to whole families through a Family Sponsorship Program and directly to students as a part of our Education Effort. Please click on each name to learn more about the programs.

In short, we are working to help the individuals in our schools and sponsorship program to receive:

  • At least one nutritious meal each day
  • Preventative care training and supplies (e.g. toothpaste, soap)
  • Medical exams and simple medicines

 We also have additional programs goals for the future that include:

  • Parental training on the benefits of proper nutritional intake for their families
  • Providing clean, filtered water to those who cannot afford safe water
  • Enhanced medical analysis and treatment
  • Additional preventative care training and supplies